Sunday, June 14, 2009

Billy and the Crew weren't in Colonel Karnes' custody for more than two hours when an official showed up from GP with a warrant taking Billy away. Obviously someone high up didn't want COG interrogating Billy and they had the political clout to pull if off.

A few days later Billy was found guilty of trespassing and sentenced to a year in a low security lock up on Cestus Six in the third Ring. A week later Billy and a dozen other prisoners were on a bus being escorted through the desert to the pen. Billingsgate and Bent were on the bus but there was no sign of Fast Eddie. Billy hadn't acknowledged them as maybe that info would come in handy later. As they left the space port Billy settled in for some sleep. Thirty minutes into the ride he could feel the bus coming to stop.

"What's going on? Detective Pool asked as the escort cruiser slowed down. In front of the cruiser was a bulldozer and a vehicle with a group of people standing in front of it to its right.

"I'll call it in," the driver, Detective Hanz, said as he reached for the com pad. Pool grabbed his hand. "Not so fast," he said with a smile. "Take a look. Maybe we don't want any company right now."

The cruiser pulled in behind the bulldozer and the bus followed suit. The garbage truck they had passed a few minutes earlier rolled up behind the bus. Detective Hanz and Pool got out of the cruiser and walked towards the disabled vehicle.

"What's the trouble?" Hanz asked. He saw a large man in front of the vehicle with two bikini clad females smiling and shaking their heads. Two other bikini girls were looking towards what was a stretch limo.

"The car just up and quit, dude." the man said. "Here we are stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a show to do in town. If you help us out we'll make it worth your while." he continued with a toothy grin.

Hans looked at Pool and at the girls and smiled. "Yeah. We can do that."
Hanz turned and motioned for the guards in the bus to come out. The three rifle wielding guards came out of the bus towards the car. When Hanz turned back "Smiley" had a gun to Pool's head and all four bikini girls were now facing them with assault rifles leveled.

"Drop your weapons!" Smiley yelled.

The bus driver recovered from his shock and reached for his vid pad.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Sooze said as she stuck a BAP through the open driver side window. The driver raised his hands.

"Hey mon, why don't you do what the man said, eh?"
Hanz turned around and saw Fast Eddie, an old style Bot, and a little Goth chick. He couldn't tell if she were a sim or not, but she seemed a bit tweeky. Hanz reached into his coat and slowly slid out his weapon. No use getting killed while hauling the trash, he thought. Behind him one of the guards was looking at the little Goth chic, he blinked, and the next second she started blasting away!

Billy had been following the action and when the gunfire started he sprinted for the driver and slipped his handcuffs around his neck. In a matter of seconds he had pulled the driver from the seat and he stuck his handcuffs outside the window. As Bent immobilized the driver Sooze shot off the cuffs and handed Billy a BAP.

Then it was all quiet.

Fast Eddie stuck his head in the bus and asked with a smile, "You ready to go?"

Billy, Bent, and Billingsgate got off the bus and headed towards the limo. Hanz and two of the guards were face down in the road while the other and Pool had their hands on the cruiser.
Billy saw another guy laying on the ground and figured he must be one of the muscle that Eddie had hired.

Except it hadn't been Eddie doing the hiring.From out of the limo slid a tentacled creature that glided along the ground. It came to halt in front of Billy and flashed what could have been a grin.

"Weeeeeee....eeeeevennnnn nowwww, Pink."

Billy smiled. "Yes we are, Gola. Yes we are."

"Neeeeeextttt time I keeeeelllll you, Pink."

"I wouldn't expect less from you. Thanks again," Billy replied.

Billy, Eddie, Sooze, Bent, and Billingsgate got into the limo. "Smiley" leaned into the window and said "Gola already paid. Anything else Billy?"

Eddie handed Billy a small envelope. Billy passed it on and handed it to "Smiley". "This will tell you where Klint needs to be. I'd appreciate it if he gets there. And there's a little something extra for you."
"You bet, " the man replied as he pocketed the envelope. "Take care."

As the limo headed back towards the spaceport Gola walked over to Detective Pool. Pool handed him an envelope and said, "No witnesses." Pool walked back to the garbage truck and got in. "Let's get out of here."

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